Prof. Lucile Maertens

Associate professor in political science and international relations

International organizations – Global environmental politics – Critical security studies – Qualitative methods


My research on international organizations and multilateral practices is rooted in empirical work while addressing major questions in political science and international relations on the construction of global public problems and their management within multilateral arenas, as well as on international institutions’ inner workings.
I intend to contribute empirically, theoretically, and methodologically to the study of global governance and multilateralism, through different projects focusing for example on the UN Security Council, climate negotiations or environmental politics.

©Lucile Maertens


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Latest intervention

Pollution au plastique : « 2023 marque enfin une prise de conscience mondiale »

Op-ed the global governance of plastic pollution (in French)

Article written for the annual review of the French newspaper Le Monde, January 2022

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